About Precision

“God made Man, but it is the Suit that maketh the Gentleman.” ~Dad

Wielding this tool with careful consideration is Gelen Yong of Precision. Young as she may be, this tailor hails from a family of experts who have honed their skills being the wheel as they dressed men and women over the decades. Under the watchful eye of her father, Gelen grew up surrounded by fabrics and sewing machines which made it no surprise that she started out as an apprentice with the father at the tender age of 17. Having spent over a decade perfecting her skills before launching Precision her love for the art or tailoring is evident from each thoughtful stitch that lines the suits she sends out to her clients.

Like her father, Gelen believes in providing clients with the best. This versatile couturier caters to the needs of each client, from their specific needs with each garment to travelling to a location that is convenient for then at each consultation session. Her approachable nature is one quality that leaves you feeling at ease as you entrust her with an important task that you will carry from day to night. Over the last few years, Gelen has perfected her craft and developed a discerning eye for detail, fit and form while breaking free of the limitations that plague stereotypical styles and restrictions.

Fusing her love for traditional and contemporary tailoring styles, the artisan aims to honour the uniqueness of each individual client while upholding her work ethic promise of “to sew with skills, soul, and character”.