As the makers of finely crafted apparel, Precision takes pride in the work that it produces. Using only the finest fabrics available, customers can expect only the best that we have to offer. All suitings are made of wool and polyester with the amount of wool ranging between 30, 70 or 80%. This mix makes the material durable and safe for machine-wash — a must in areas where frequent washing is inevitable.

For our range of shirtings, we carry various fabrics that suit the temperate climate of Singapore. Pure Egyptian Cotton: Feeling as luxurious as it sounds, these fabrics are stronger than common cotton fabrics thanks to the finer yarn that it is woven from. An added benefit of this fabric is how porous the material is, making it far more comfortable in warmer environments.

Easy Care Cotton: A fuss-free solution for those under a time crunch, this range of fabrics need little attention. Wrinkle-free and comfortable, it is the perfect choice for the casual dresser.
Premium Italian Cotton: Perfect for those warm days, the percale Italian cotton fabrics will leave you comfortable in the tropical heat that graces the island. Due to the way in which the fabric is woven, the cotton fabric allows for better airflow.

For clients who are stitching an outfit with us for the first time, our head tailor Gelen prefers to sit down for a consultation, where she understands exactly what the client has in mind. Expect a minimum of three sessions, consisting of the Consultation, a fitting session and a final trial session where clients collect their suits.

The Consultation

For a start, she gets to know their personal style to better help her cater each design to the respective clients. Next, she learns about their previous tailoring experiences and any style ideas that they may have gravitated towards, before or after booking an appointment with her.

With the fine details all locked down, she then determines the occasion for which the suit will be needed. The final piece to the puzzle is the fit which will see her taking measurements of the client. To ensure that the suit fits like second skin, Gelen usually asks first-time clients to bring along an existing item that she can reference. While it does not have to be tailored, the item will help her in figuring out what works or how the fit can be improved.

The Fitting

Here, clients will be able to try on the Baste jacket that helps Gelen to determine the most comfortable fit for the client. From the lapel sizing to the amount of desired shoulder padding, the minor details are ironed out to be perfected by the craftsmen.

The Final Trial

Patience is a virtue and after a few short weeks, your very own suit with Precision is ready to be worn for your desired occasion. Gelen ensures that the fit of the jacket is good and any minor adjustments are made. On the rare occasion that there are more adjustments are to be made, the client will be asked to come in for a fourth session.